Lee Goddard - Just Another Boring Personal Homepage

What I Do

My professional interest is in HTML5 APIs and ES6+/Typescript front ends served by NodeJS, ideally with an interesting challenge not-yet undertaken. I have developed a large number and variety of systems, from very-fast data rendering, through Machine Learning (Kohonen self-organising maps and deep back-propogated artificial neural networks, in which I have my MSc thanks to an EPSRC scholarship for AI research), to graphical and musical L-Systems.

Past contracts include lucrative small private companies with global customers, British public sector (BBC) and government (Companies House), the European Commission, large national and multinational financial institutions (Reliance Mutual, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reutuers), international fashion retailers (Net-a-Porter, Nike), online advertising brokers (advertising.com, Bliss Media), agencies (Design Motive, ICE Mobile), and legeal medical texts (the first ever legally-binding pharmaceutical catalogue, for the ABPI), various photo- and map-servers, self-contained online shops. I've worked with a variety of interpretations of industry-standard best-practice, and when implementing, apply Ockham's Razor to development strategy and methodology (Agile), coding practices, and governance.

I am usually looking for three- to six-month contract, anywhere a British citizen can work within three hours travel from Budapest. I frequently work in my native London, but always welcome change - I have enjoyed working in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Budapest, as well remotely for companies based in the US, Singapore, Germany, and Zurich.

In the free time such a work schedule affords me, when not programming experimentally, I record a variety of experimental musical generes with BitWig, VSTs, a German Thunder I, US PRS 24, Spanish flamenco guiar and laud, Bulgarian tar, Israeli oud, and lately Indian sitar. I enjoy reading all forms of psychology, 20th century European history, eawrly Eastern texts, semiotics (in which I gained my BA), as well as keenly observing developments in consciousness and creativity research (also part of my MSc in AI).

In the past year or so, I have been focusing my free time on updating a PCM visualiser to be powered by Rust-written Web Assembly, writing code to generate soundscapes from photographs of horizons, using and improving the Node/HTML5 L-systems audio, described elsewhere.

Personal projects include mapping with Leaflet, Elasticsearch for ancient Buddhist texts and videos relating to the paranormal, progressive web compoents of various forms, a Web Socket Audio rip-off of the Plink collaborative music doodling game, a meme generator, and a meme deep frier - some in ES6, some in TypeScript, some with WebComponents, some in Ionic, or somecombination thereof.

— Lee Goddard
Amsterdam, January 2019